Online Membership Classes


The links below provide direct access to online classes and forms for completing the requirements for membership at Living Hope Church.  It is NOT required that the classes or the steps below be completed in the order listed, but that all steps be completed in whole.  Please feel free to email office@lhchurch.com with questions.

The total process of pursuing membership involves the following steps which are not necessary to be done in order:

  1. Attend the “Live” Discover Living Hope class at the church.  This “Live” class is offered periodically throughout the year.  See the weekly Bulletin or email us at office@lhchurch.com for more information about when the next class is offered.  Attending this class is not a prerequisite to completing the other course requirements but is required.
  2. Complete the following online courses:

·      Gospel

·      Community

·      Mission

  1. Complete a “Conversion Questionnaire”,  and email to office@lhchurch.com
  2. Sign a “Membership Covenant”, and email to office@lhchurch.com.
  3. Once you have completed all classes and forms #3 and 4 are submitted to the church office, an Elder will contact you.

Online Class Links

Download Forms
Conversion Questionnaire
Membership Covenant

Other Resources
Intro to Membership  (for review only, “live” class attendance required)
New Member Class Guidebook -
Complete Compilation



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