2010 Tennessee Baptist
Church Administration Conference

The Perfect Storm - Emergency Preparedness

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Resources & Documentation

referenced during workshop presentation
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Emergency Response Manual
by Upright Ministries
Emergency Manual
Generic for Any Church
Church Emergency Prep Guide
Generic for Any Church
Risk Management Manual
Generic for Any Church
Basic Disaster Recovery & Contingency Plan

Recommendations for Local Church Emergency Plan
Preparing Your Church for Any Emergency ($)
for purchase from ChurchLaw Today
Guide to Disaster Recovery ($)
for purchase from Amazon.Com

FCBA Certification Projects
for Emergency, Disaster, Crisis Management
Load here or login to NACBA.net, navigate to community to find there

#496 - Emergency Preparedness Response Manual
#534 - Developing a Crisis Management Plan

#544 - Managing Church Safety, Security, Emergencies and Disaster Preparedness
#570 - Developing an Emergency Preparedness Plan in Six Steps
#581 - The Disaster Ready Church
#654 - Safety & Security Policy for Churches
#660 - Developing an Emergency Management Plan for the Local Church
#672 - A Plan for Disaster
#724 - Emergency Preparedness Plan
#756 - Keep Me Safe O God...Planning for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance White Papers
Crisis Preparedness
Quick Response Team Concept
Preparing for Disasters
Disaster - How the Church Should Respond
Disaster - Love That Goes the Extra Mile
Emergency - Pandemic Preparation
Emergency Planning - Developing a Viable Response for Your Building
Emergency Planning - External Threats
Security - Prepare Your Church For the Worst-case Scenario
Internet Stability in Times of Emergency
The Red Cross and the Local Church
Managing a Crisis
by Frank Sommerville

Pandemic Preparedness


Interfaith Disaster Network
RGB Human Resource Solutions
Faith Based Organization Checklist
HR Policies
Workplace Preparation
Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for an Influenza Pandemic
Pandemic Preparedness Manual - International Facilities Management Association

Workplace Concerns - Enabling Your Workers to Work From Home Guide
Avian Influenza: Centers for Disease Control
Antiviral Medications
Washing Hands Properly
Pre-pandemic Planning Guidance
Spiritual Care
A Guide for Spiritual Care in Times of Disaster

Church Violence
Church Violence Fact Sheet
Church Violence Survey

Prepare Your Church for the Worst Case Scenario
National Organization of Church Security & Safety Management, Inc

10 Things Every Christian Organization Needs to Know About Security and Emergency Planning
Responding to An Active Shooter Situation

Information Technology Emergency Planning
Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Sample Policy
Is Your Data Secure?
Selecting a Data Security Partner
Data Center Security Checklist
Introduction to IT System Risk Management
IT Backup Planning (Powerpoint)


Other Resources

Brotherhood Mutual Insurance White Papers

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