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403(b) Guidebook for Churches – Guidestone Financial
Auto Mileage Reimbursement Calc Form
Bank Accounts – Auxiliary Accounts Policy
Benevolence – Quick Quidelines by Frank Sommerville
Benevolence Policy with Release of Liability
Benevolence – Standard Guidelines
Benevolence – Travelers Policy
Benevolent Receipt Form
Benevolence – Weekend Policy
Bidding Procedures
Blog Terms & Conditions (Frank Sommerville)
Board Policies & Procedures
Bookstore / Coffee Shop Policies & Procedures
Bus Usage Policies and Procedures
Cash Handling Policy
Cellphone Policy
Child / Youth Protection Policies (CRUMC)
Child / Youth Protection Policies Addendums (CRUMC)
Child Molestation
Children Ministry
Children’s Policy Manual (Watermark Community Church – Dallas)
Confidentiality Agreement for Employee
Confidentiality Agreement for Committee Member
Conflict of Interest Policy & Disclosure Form
Contract Review Form
Contract Review Policies
Contribution Guidelines for Short Term Mission Trips
Contributions Policy Sample
Core Competencies for Church Administration / CCA
Covenant of Employment
Creative / Intellectual Rights Policy 1
Creative and Intellectual Rights Policy
Creative and Intellectual Rights Policy 2
Credit Card Agreement
Credit Card Policy
Disaster / Emergency Preparedness
Disaster Recovery and Data/IT Backup Policy
Disclaimer Statement
Disclosure of Supplemental Income
Document Retention Policy (Frank Sommerville)
Document Retention Policy with Chart
Donation Acceptance Policy
E-Mail Policy – Sommerville
Emergency Preparedness Plan (also see Disaster / Emergency Preparedness)
Endowment Policy (Heritage UMC)
Events Scheduling Procedures
Facilities Policies (Immanuel Pres., Los Angeles)
Facilities Policy
Facilities Policy 4
Facilities – Preventative Maintenance Program – Best Practices
Financial Management
Financial Policies (by Jim Bramer – bcidot.org)
Financial Policy Handbook and Forms
First Aid Policy Ideas
Fixed Asset Purchase Policy
Frieze Resource Library (Frieze Consulting)
Funeral Policies
Gifts for Staff Members and Volunteers Policy
Hiring Practices Policy Template
Hosting Outside Events in Facility
Housekeeping Contract Request for Proposal
Inclement Weather Policy



Information Systems
Information Systems Policy (FUMC,Tulsa, OK)
Intellectual Properties and Creative Rights
Internal Controls – Best Practices
Internal Controls – 50 Best for Every Church
Internet Policy – Sommerville
Investment Policy Sample
Love Gift Rules (also applies to “Love Offering”)
Ministry Business Services Policies & Procedures for Purchase
Minutes – How to Take Policy
Live Streaming (See “Webcast” below)
Hiring Policy
Pandemic Workplace Policies
Pastoral Counseling
Performance Evaluation Staff Pastors
Performance Evaluation Senior Pastor
Personnel Policy / Handbook
Political Activity Policy
Political Activity Policy (Frank Sommerville)
Prayer Requests
Privacy of Information Concerns in the Church Office
Privacy Policy
Prototype for Congregations (Lutheran Church)
Retail Sales Policy
Sabbatical Policy 1
Sabbatical Policy 2
Sabbatical Policy 3
Safety Policies
Sex Offender Attendance Policy
Sexual Harassment
Short Term Missions Trip Policy 1
Short Term Missions Trip Policy 2
Short Term Missions Trip Policy 3
Short Term Missions Forms and Procedures
Short Term Missions Forms and Procedures 2
Short Term Missions Forms and Procedures 3
Short Term Missions Forms and Procedures 4
Sleepover Policy
Social Media Policy for Church Staff 1
Social Media Policy for Church Staff 2
Social Networking – Sommerville
Spouse Travel Policy
Stewardship Committee
Streaming (see “Webcast” below)
Technical Services Policy
Transportation Management
Webcast / Live Streaming Disclaimer 
Wedding Guide (policies, forms, etc)  MS Publisher format
Wedding Policy
Workman’s Comp Release
Workplace Safety
XPastor misc Policies & Procedures